Ethics and Values

MHM Insurance Services LTD is fully committed to maintaining the highest professional and ethical behavior. We have developed and will regularly review our code of ethics to ensure it is robust, transparent and adequate, meeting the requirements of modern day governance and the professionalism sought by the Regulators. Such governance and professionalism is what our clients deserve and are entitled to expect from us.

We ensure our employees acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver highest professional advice, working in an ethical manner, placing clients’ interest first.  

Our ultimate goal is to earn our clients’ trust by providing prompt professional advices /services and establish close long term relationships by ensuring that clients’ interests are always at the heart of what we do. We aim to exceed client expectations by providing the most suitable and best available insurance / reinsurance products. To ensure this our code of ethics, inter alia, include the following Core Values:

  • Acting always with honesty, integrity and professionalism, transparency and openness, in the pursuit of excellence.
  • Ensure confidentiality of information obtained. Information must be protected on all occasions. It must be kept strictly confidential and not passed on to any other parties without the consent of the policyholder or other individual / firm concerned.
  • Treating our clients fairly and ensuring we put their needs and interests on the top of our priority list
  • Providing our clients with clear advice on insurance and risk management issues
  • Providing reasonable assistance to the client:
  1. in submitting any claim under an insurance policy  and pass on the relevant information from the client to the concerned insurer 
  2. exercise due diligence to discharge all obligations in relation to the administration, negotiation and settlement of such claim 
  • Urging and training our staff to promote mutual respect, professionalism, integrity and honesty in order to create a healthy working environment
  • Working with our Regulators and strictly adhering to their directives / commands and comply with regulations in an open, honest and positive manner. 

Our code of ethics is championed by our CEO, who leads by example, providing the right healthy working environment to foster ethical conduct throughout the business and in our dealing with others. We fully endorse the Code and urge our staff to maintain its standards.